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EcoWorth Tech named one of 'The 10 Best CleanTech Startups in Singapore'

(From SwiftNLift APAC magazine)

EcoWorth Tech is a waste-to-worth solutions partner specialised in transforming waste materials into reusable products while delivering social and environmental benefits. The company was incorporated in the year 2016 and the funding has risen to 1M SGD so far & in the middle of raising 0.5M SGD now. The founding members of the company are Dr. Bert Grobben and Andre Stolz. The office is located at Singapore.


Ecoworth Tech Pte. Ltd. (EWT) is Budding Innovations managed, award-winning start-up company, in the water remediation and waste management space. EWT is addressing the global issues of water scarcity driven by polluting industries and provides a breakthrough solution for the removal and recuperation of organic contaminants from Industrial and oil & gas waste water.

Globally, there is an increased need for sustainable technologies that reduce waste, turn waste into value-add products, and eliminate environmental impact of polluting industries. Although a wide variety of decontamination technologies are available, mostly if not all are complex, costly and/or inefficient. Specifically addressing the removal of a massive range of organic components to acceptable discharge levels is particularly challenging.


Carbon Fibre Aerogel is a patented, super-absorbent, low cost, non-toxic &natural and sustainable material with an extremely high affinity for organic materials that actively repels water. As such, it is highly sustainable for the removal of organics, including oils & fats, from an aqueous environment. It’s produced starting from cellulosic (waste) material and waste paper/carton, uses no chemical additives and can be recycled. This makes Carbon Fibre Aerogel an attractive alternative for existing adsorbents and other decontamination methods.

The unique properties of CFA have now been applied to remove and recuperate organic contaminants from various industrial wastewater streams. CFA will be housed in cartridges, filters, pads etc. in order to absorb valuable organics from liquid waste streams. In order to recuperate the organics, CFA is being mechanically squeezed. Alternative recuperation methods are distillation or burning the material while generating electricity. Compared to other sorbent technologies in the market or in research, the CFA solution is the only one with a wide benefit profile and point of difference on Recovery, Environmental impact and low cost.


The founder’s Dr Bert Grobben and Andre Stolz have both left corporate careers at Proctor and Gamble with a motivation to start something from the ground-up to make a bigger impact. The founders wanted to leverage science-based technologies in order to create bigger social and environmental benefits. The duo set their sight on a breakthrough IP asset regarding a carbon fibre aerogel (CFA) that helps treat highly contaminated waste water. They took on the challenge, spun-out the start up from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and took it to a stage where today it’s showing its environmental impact through the results generate with large industrial companies. EcoWorth Tech is set to rapidly expand into the waste water treatment scene following the current scale-up of manufacturing capacity.


EcoWorth Tech has been making tremendous progress in validating the product and service offering with end-users while building and service offering with end-users while building traction as reflected by a now multi-million-dollar opportunity pipeline: The first paying customer has been acquired after successful pilot deployment and first commercial order shipped which high confidence to convert another 1-2 of our current top prospect clients into commercial deals. The team has continued acquiring & working with renowned clients in wastewater treatment & oil decontamination as well as conducted pilot trials and won several awards & grants in start-up challenges and media traction.

EWT in targeting customers in Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Oil Decontamination and are collaborating with those managers that are responsible for the wastewater treatment. The application process that EWT are targeting in the Oil & Gas industry are oil interceptors, produced water treatment, fracking, refineries, deck drain water and spill relief/clean-up/protection. EWT has demonstrated the ability to remove and recuperate >80% organics from oily waste streams where the aim is to replace chemical treatment of the wastewater with EWT’s sustainable CFA solution.


EWT wants to become the preferred waste-to-worth solution provider helping to achieve environmental benefits and waste-to-worth opportunities.

EcoWorth Tech is currently raising 0.5M SGD (25% already committed) in order to convert 1-2 clients into paying customers & supply with currently installed capacity. Subsequently EWT raises the remainder $4M to go full-blown sales. Current results give the team high confidence to drive revenue over the next 3-6 months. Becoming a post-revenue start-up addresses most previous investor concerns: EWT anticipates that the conversion of the first clients will de-risk EWT far enough for additional investors to come on board for the next capital raising sound.

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