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EcoWorth Tech comes in 2nd in PIER71™ Smart Port Challenge!

EcoWorth Tech participated in PIER71™ Smart Port Challenge 2021, an innovation challenge in the maritime and maritime-related industries by attracting talents, creating opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and ideas, attracting investments into start-ups, and accelerating ventures.

In this 2 month programme, we have identified 3 current pain points in maritime industry that EcoWorth Tech's solution can address, our innovative solutions have attracted tractions and interest from various market players in Singapore. Using EcoWorth Tech's environmentally friendly super aborbent material, CFA can be used to treat oily waste in the following areas:

  • Oily water from Tanker washing in ports

  • Bilge water treatment in vessels and ships

  • Spill remediation and response for marine oil leak and spills

We are excited that we are named the runner up for the grand finals in Smart Port Challenge! Click here for more information about us and feel free to reach out to us at

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