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EcoWorth Tech is now part of Circular Valley Accelerators!

On June 6th, we will welcome the following 36 startups from 22 countries for our #CircularEconomy#Accelerator program.

Initially, we were going to select 20. But we were so overwhelmed by the number of high-quality applications that we invited almost twice as many. This shows that we are becoming increasingly known worldwide and on our way to establish the Rhine-Ruhr region as the global hotspot for the circular economy - like Silicon Valley for the digital industry.

AC Biode | Japan, Luxemburg, UK

Reutilization of coal/biomass ash

AFTS | Ger

SaaS for supply chain transparency

Agricom | Lebanon

Optimization of agricultural product distribution

AgroBiogel GmbH | Austria

Agricultural super absorber from wood

Ampliphi | USA, Switzerland

Software for companies’ plastic footprint reduction

BD Waste | Ghana

App for collection services

Magnetic-microtechnology for wastewater treatment

Blau Corp | Mexico

AI-Solution optimizing garbage collection

Biomyc | Bulgaria

Mycelium composite as a polystyrene alternative

Biosphere Solar | Netherlands

Circular and fair solar panel

Black Capture | Germany

Low maintenance CO2 capture system

Borac Energia | Bangladesh

Li-ion battery recycling

Carboliq GmbH (RECENSO GmbH) | Ger

One-step liquefaction process for polymers

Cellulose-based thin film packaging

Circular11 | United Kingdom

Building bricks made from plastic waste

Circulr | Canada

Refund system for packaging materials

Climate Chain | Netherlands, UK, USA, India

Platform promoting sustainable decisions of employees

Bio-based foam from leather waste

Recycled silica from solar panels

Turning wastewater into value

Endeema | Germany

Machine-learning tool for renewable energy supply and demand matching

Enzymity | Latvia

Enzymatic PET-recycling

Gescol | Colombia

Building materials from clothing industry residues

Plastic substitutes from cassava starch and banana fiber

Fiber-reinforced plastic recycling

Compostable disposable bottles made from recycled wastepaper

LOVR | Germany

Leather alternative from agricultural residues

Plastic recycling and substitution

nornnorn | Thailand

Subscription platform for mattresses

Sanitary pads from natural fibers

Ponera Group | Switzerland

Reusable plastic modules for logistics

REMRETEch GmbH | Switzerland

Rare earth elements recycling technology

SL Batteries | Ger

Battery recycling

Insulating building panels from straw

Wooden building blocks from damaged timber

Yo-Waste | Uganda

App for private and business waste collection


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