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EcoWorth Tech is excited to be a forthrunner in e27's TOP100 programme!

Now that Echelon Asia Summit is coming back in full swing, e27 is determined to make one of its key features, the TOP100, one of the best yet!

The TOP100 program is an annual initiative organised by e27 to showcase and recognise the most promising startups in the Asia-Pacific region.

The program is open to exciting new startups from the Asia-Pacific region with innovative ideas that break barriers across different industries. The selection of the TOP100 involves a rigorous screening process, including an evaluation of the startup’s product or service, team, market potential, and traction.

The selected startups are given the opportunity to pitch their business ideas at the Echelon Asia Summit this June 14-15, 2023, at the Singapore Expo. The program also provides exposure to investors, mentors, and potential partners, enabling growth among participating startups and helping them expand their networks across the larger global tech ecosystem.

The TOP100 program has become one of the most prestigious startup competitions in the region, attracting thousands of applicants each year and providing valuable visibility and support to the most promising startups in the region.

6 startups closer to competing at this year’s TOP100

Being a frontrunner refers to startups close to making it to this year’s TOP100 program.

With all the amazing startups sprouting across the Asia-Pacific region’s vibrant tech startup ecosystem, we now present you with 15 frontrunners closer to competing at this year’s TOP100. Get to know them here!

EcoWorth Tech Pte. Ltd.

EcoWorth Tech is an award-winning CleanTech startup in the water remediation and waste management space with the goal of unlocking the potential of waste(water) into worth. The company focuses on turning cellulosic waste biomass into Carbon Fibre Aerogel (CFA), a patented advanced material mainly used in transforming wastewater streams into Waste-to-Worth opportunities. Made from natural and sustainable material, CFA has competitive advantages in being low-cost and non-toxic, with extremely high absorbency and affinity for liquid organics, and actively repels water. EcoWorth Tech addresses the global issue of poor waste recycling, carbon emissions, as well as inefficient treatment of oily/contaminated wastewater. EcoWorth Tech produces Carbon Fiber Aerogel (CFA).

A step closer to the 2023 TOP100

After a rigorous screening process, these startups are a step closer to qualifying for this year’s TOP100.

If you are one of the founders of the startups above, a representative from e27 will be reaching out to you soon to discuss with you the next step in your application process. Feel free to get in touch with us for any inquiries.


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