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EcoWorth Tech is one of 4 finalists aiming to build disaster resilient communities

[From e27]

The Prudence Foundation has revealed eight startups that have been selected to receive the D-Tech Awards. Out of the eight, four hail from Southeast Asia.

The D-Tech Awards is part of SAFE STEPS, a multi-platform mass awareness programme that raises awareness and provides easy-to-understand educational information on life-threatening issues with the hope of building more resilient communities.

Finalists of the event will receive US$200,000 to support the implementation and scaling of their technology. Non-financial support includes expert coaching, pitching, and networking opportunities with humanitarian experts, VC fund managers, fellow tech entrepreneurs, and social enterprise developers.

According to the press statement, the winner and runner-up in the for-profit (FP) and non-profit (NP) categories will be announced on June 29, 2021.

Global organisations such as the International Federation of Red Cross, Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), and Technology Partner Lenovo are also supporting the event.

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Here are the four startups and organisation from Southeast Asia for the D-Tech Awards –

EcoWorth Tech (FP)

A Singaporean cleantech company that specialises in transforming waste materials into reusable products that deliver both social and environmental benefits.

Kacific Broadband Satellite (FP)

A broadband satellite operator based in Singapore that provides high-speed, low-cost, ultra-reliable broadband to rural and suburban areas of the Pacific and Southeast Asia.

Bike Scouts (NP)

A Filipino web and mobile app company that gives users the tools for documenting disaster impact in real-time and for activating and coordinating a community-driven, highly scalable, and localised network of support based on proximity to gather and deliver aid through social teamwork.

Yayasan Plan International (NP)

Founded in Indonesia, non-profit organisation Yayasan Plan International provides an early warning tool for flood made from local materials, such as small plastic pipes, small-sized loudspeakers, cables, and tennis balls.


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