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EcoWorth Tech Pte. Ltd. is a NTU spin-off company commercializing the Carbon Fibre Aerogel technology focusing on

worth-creating applications in food waste, Oil & Gas and other CleanTech & Ecological responsible programs.

The Carbon Fiber Aerogel (CFA) is an advanced material with unique properties. The benefits of CFA are:

  • Highly suitable for the removal of organics, including oils & fats, from an aqueous environment

  • Pure carbon made of low-cost natural materials – renewable cotton or waste paper - hence environmentally friendly

  • Ultra-high efficient in absorbing up to 190x its own weight

  • Recuperation ability of absorbed contaminants

  • Reusable – multiple cycles of “absorption” & “recuperation”

  • Has highly desirable properties for handling, transportation & storage (safe, non-toxic, low density, low weight)

  • Overall superior properties profile vs. other technologies under development.

It’s a sustainable technology made out of renewable organic material or recycled paper that reduce waste, turn waste into value-add products, and eliminates environmental impact of polluting industries.

Due to its functional benefits, CFA is poised to transform the food waste and Oil & Gas industry, as it not only provides solutions to key issues companies are facing but also new benefits around recuperation of the material and sustainability.

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